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We all have questions. Life is a question. Who said that ? Good question… at least if you have a question for me (or if you just want to sing my praise) you know where to come.

That being said, RTFM before sending me your prose :

First, my time is at least as precious as yours. If you’re wondering which end of the soldering iron is hot, ask Google, you’ll do us both a favor. If you’re hoping I’ll check out the twenty-five thousand lines of code of your latest project, you’re hopeless. Also, understand that you have no guarantee I’ll answer your message, you only have a very good chance I will.

Second, by clicking “Submit” you are accepting that everything you send me could be published on Nefastor Online. Your identity will however be kept secret unless you specifically allow me to make it public.

Third, I’m not your employee. If you’re counting on me to turn your genius visions into production-ready designs for free, buy a calculator and get cracking.